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Boulder Voter Guide 2022

Want to know how to vote in the 2022 Boulder election? Use the Boulder voter guides below to help you make your decisions before you drop off your ballot.

Vote by 7pm on Tuesday, November 8!

Boulder Ballot Measure Endorsements

YES on Question 2E 
"Change Regular Municipal Election to Even  Years"

Boulder's local elections currently happen in the off years when voter turnout is consistently low. Passing 2E would shift Boulder's election date to even years when state and federal elections take place. Voter turnout in Boulder is significantly higher in even years. For example, in 2021 Boulder's voter turnout was only 49% whereas in 2020 voter turnout was 90%. The research on voter turnout conclusively shows that moving local elections to the same date as state and federal elections is the single most effective reform that can be enacted to increase voter turnout AND increase representation in terms of race, ethnicity, age, & income. We believe that Boulder should hold its elections when the majority of people vote. We believe our democracy works best when more voices are heard. 


VOTE on 2E — Yes / For

More Information About Boulder Ballot Question 2E 

YES on Question 6C
"Library District Formation and Mill Levy Tax and Revenue Change"

Boulder's libraries have been underfunded for decades resulting in facility closures, staff cuts, and reduced programming and services to the kids and families who need it most. Measure 6C is the solution to those problems as it provides a dedicated funding source to the library through a modest property tax. We believe that our libraries are a bright spot of our community that create opportunities for learning, literacy and education, and access to resources and a safe space for growth. But our libraries can't achieve their mission if they are closed. Let's fund our libraries by voting YES on 6C.


VOTE on 6C — Yes / For

More Information About Boulder Ballot Question 6C

No on Question 2F
"Repeal of Ordinance 8483, Regarding the Annexation of CU South"

The CU South Annexation is an agreement between Boulder and CU which would provide flood protection to  thousands of vulnerable community members in harms way AND would permanently protect 100+ acres of open space AND would support building hundreds of much needed CU-sponsored housing units, including affordable housing. A small but vocal group of residents oppose this annexation agreement and are attempting to overturn the agreement with this repeal.  We do not support repealing an agreement that protects people from flooding, creates open space, and builds desperately needed housing. That is why we suggest voting NO on 2F.

(This is a confusing issue. A 'Yes' vote would overturn the CU South agreement and means you don't support flood protection, open space, or housing. A 'No' vote means that you want to keep the agreement that will provide flood protection, open space, and housing.)

VOTE on 6C — No / Against

2022 Boulder Voter Guides + Election Info

"Boulder Weekly continues to be the only independent and locally-owned newspaper in Boulder County. We took a deeper look than you may have the time or resources to pull off."

The Daily Camera does deep dives on issues and weighs in on which measures to support or oppose. If you are not a Daily Camera Subscriber you can read the article here

Boulder Beat's Election 2022 guide and reporting strives to provide data-driven and accessible content to break down barriers for participation in local government. Shay Castle has been covering Boulder for eight years. Her work has appeared in the Denver Post, Colorado Sun and New York Times. Shay launched Boulder Beat in 2019, with a desire to slow news down and dive deep into the issues that impact the community.

Colorado Working Families Party adopts positions on 2022 ballot initiatives. The Colorado Working Families mission is to empower people, organizations, and communities to build a multiracial and feminist populist movement that strengthens democracy and advances racial, social, and economic justice.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is a civil rights organization in the United States. The Boulder County branch has endorsed several local measures in their voter guide

Eric's voter guide covers candidates and issues in Colorado and specific to Boulder city and county. Eric has researched and written a Voter Guide for every election in Boulder for the past five years.

The Sierra Club Indian Peaks Group's Local Endorsements for the 2022 City of Boulder election.

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