Phone Help! 

Follow our step-by-step guide so you can sign the petition! 

Step 1 - Add or Update Your Phone Number 

Note: If you already know your correct number is in the secretary of state's system & you still cannot sign, skip to Step 3 here  

a) Start by filling out Find My Voter Registration & press"Search"
b) On "My Voter Registration," press "Edit"
c) On "Edit My Voter Registration," enter the last four digits of your SSN or Colorado driver's ID number then press "Submit" 
d)  On "Edit My Voter Registration," add or update the "Phone" field. Then scroll down and press "Next" until you can "Submit" the changes.

Step 2 - Answer this simple question

Did you see a phone number
already listed in your profile?
(press response)

Step 3 - Yes, my phone number was there & still can't sign 

This means your phone number is "unlisted", an option you chose when you first registered to vote in Colorado.
Please complete the following short form to have Boulder County “list” your phone number so you can sign the petition. Once you submit the form, you should be able to sign the petition successfully in 3 business days. 

Thanks for your support & commitment to the cause! 

No, I didn't see a phone number 

As long as you completed "Step 1" above to update your number then you should be able to successfully sign the petition in 48 hours! 

Thanks for your support & commitment to the cause! 

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