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An argument for efficiency

By Kurt Nordback. Also published as a letter in the Boulder Weekly on October 14, 2021.

"As an engineer, I’m trained to think about efficiency: getting the greatest possible benefit from a given amount of resources. As an environmentalist, efficiency is my obsession. Producing and consuming resources almost always has ecological costs, so to minimize the resources we need, and hence those costs, we should use them as efficiently as possible.

This is why I support Bedrooms are for People, which at its heart is about making it legal to use housing resources (better known as bedrooms) efficiently. The existing law actually mandates inefficient use of housing for unrelated people. At a time when we have colliding climate and housing crises, this is unconscionable. In terms of efficiency, it’s analogous to a law prohibiting car-pooling.

Please join me in voting to allow efficient use of our housing stock. Please vote YES on ballot measure 300, Bedrooms are for People."

Kurt Nordback / Boulder

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