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Ballot Question 300 – Bedrooms Are For People

By Shay Castle. Originally published in the Boulder Beat on Friday, Sept. 24, 2021.

"Ballot language

Shall the City of Boulder expand access to housing by allowing all housing units to be occupied by a number of people equal to the number of legal bedrooms, plus one additional person per home, provided that relevant health and safety codes are met?

What it means

Should Boulder change its current occupancy limits — 3 or 4 unrelated persons per home, no matter its size — to be tied to the number of bedrooms? Occupancy of unrelated persons citywide would then be equal to the number of bedrooms plus one person. (So a three-bedroom house could hold four unrelated people, a four-bedroom house five people, and so on.)

Who is supporting

This is the result of a citizen petition sponsored by a group of the same name (Bedrooms Are For People), a collection of Boulderites focused on housing access. The group formed in 2020 and gathered 5,235 signatures. A mid-term rule change prevented Bedrooms from qualifying for the ballot that year. In 2021, Bedrooms became the first petition hosted on the city’s new online system, collecting 3,525 digital signatures.

Campaign spending Contributions: $25,500.14 Expenditures: $11,174.59 As of Sept. 21, 2021. View filing

Other endorsements

  • Boulder Chamber

  • Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA)

  • OUT Boulder County

  • Boulder Housing Coalition

  • Colorado Working Families Party

  • Sierra Club

  • CU Student Government

  • Showing Up For Racial Justice

  • Boulder Area Labor Council

  • Boulder Democratic Socialists of America

  • Communications Workers of America (CO/WY States Council)

  • United Campus Workers Colorado

  • New Era Colorado

  • Together Colorado

  • 350 Colorado

  • Boulder Progressives

  • Open Boulder

  • Better Boulder"

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