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Bedrooms: An anti-discrimination measure

By Jeff Yegian. Also published as a letter to the editor in the Daily Camera on October 21, 2021.

I support Bedrooms Are For People as a necessary anti-discrimination measure. As a community we should not limit how people live together based on their relationships, period. As for possible impacts of this limited modification of occupancy restrictions, if neighbors can’t resolve them with conversation, we should support city enforcement of nuisance ordinances. If the concern is for possible increases of home prices, we could limit the scrapes and pops that escalate home prices instead of having arbitrary rules about how many people can live with each other. Finally, I’m very discouraged by the increasing use of scare tactics, misrepresentation and demonization in Boulder’s public discourse. I hope we can do a better job of honestly engaging with one another, agreeing to disagree when appropriate, trusting our community’s decision-making process and being willing to accept the outcomes without rancor and ill-will.

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