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Bedrooms Are For People Case Headed to Colorado Supreme Court

Public statement from the Bedrooms Are For People ballot campaign in Boulder

On Friday, August 14, a Colorado district court judge ruled that he lacked the power to correct the wrongs perpetrated by the City of Boulder giving Bedrooms Are For People bad information about the deadline for submitting their signed petitions. Because only a higher legal authority can compel the city to place Bedrooms Are For People on the November 2020 ballot, we will now appeal our case to the Colorado Supreme Court, which has the power to right this wrong. Our volunteers always knew that overturning Boulder’s discriminatory home occupancy laws would be an uphill battle, and our appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court is just one more step along this historic march toward housing equity.

Today’s ruling demonstrates the complexity and uncertainty surrounding Boulder’s petitioning process and how those ambiguities have been weaponized against grassroots campaigns led by residents with fewer financial resources. The judge’s decision makes it clear that no matter what legal advice the campaign may have sought from the beginning, powerful political opponents would have filed lawsuits to subvert the will of the people. Bedrooms Are for People is appealing this district court decision on behalf of all Boulder voters who wish to exercise their right to direct democracy, this year and in the future.

We are not done fighting on behalf of every person who currently lives in the shadows, has been evicted for safely sharing a home with others, or is being denied equal access to housing. We will continue working to dismantle structural prejudice and bigotry to build a more free, just, and equitable community – projects we are committed to beyond this struggle for 2020 ballot access.

We are grateful for and confident in the work of our legal team, Lauren Groth and Dan Williams of Hutchinson Black and Cook. And we appreciate the strong support we’ve received from the community – the more than 7,700 Boulder residents who signed our petition and the many donors who have rallied for our cause. We have overcome the extraordinary obstacles put in front of us, and have built a movement of people ready to leverage our collective power for good.

You, too, can join us on the path to justice. Please take your first step now by contributing at

View the Order from District Court - Bedrooms Are For People Case # 2020CV030632.


Eric Budd

Campaign Co-Chair, Bedrooms Are For People

720-295-1122 |

Chelsea Castellano

Campaign Co-Chair, Bedrooms Are For People

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