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Bedrooms Are For People files lawsuit against the city of Boulder for ballot access

By Austin Fleskes. Originally published in Colorado Politics on August 5, 2020.

"The fight over occupancy rights in Boulder appears headed to court on a long road to the November ballot.

This week the Bedrooms Are For People campaign filed a lawsuit against the city, after the Boulder City Council voted 5-4 to change the rules on signatures and deadlines.

The campaign is challenging a city housing regulation that makes it illegal for more than three unrelated people to live together in one home, except in some areas where the limit is four.

Ahead of the Aug. 5 deadline, proponents submitted 7,764 signatures in favor of the proposal, well in excess of the 4,048 required.

The city, however, subsequently decided the threshold should be 8,096 signatures, and the deadline should have been June 5 — 90 days after the petition form was approved, not 90 days before the election. The higher requirement was based on the question being deemed a special election for municipalities, doubling the signature requirement."

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