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Bedrooms Are For People plan to appeal district judge's ruling

By Katie Langford. Originally published in the Daily Camera on August 14, 2020.

"The Bedrooms Are For People ballot initiative is not qualified to be placed on the November ballot, a 20th Judicial District Court Judge ruled Friday, despite being given incorrect election information by Boulder city officials.

The citizen-led campaign will appeal Judge Andrew MacDonald’s ruling to the Colorado Supreme Court, organizers Chelsea Castellano and Eric Budd announced tonight.

'We are not done fighting on behalf of every person who currently lives in the shadows, has been evicted for safely sharing a home with others, or is being denied equal access to housing,' the campaign said in a statement. 'We will continue working to dismantle structural prejudice and bigotry to build a more free, just, and equitable community—projects we are committed to beyond this struggle for 2020 ballot access.'

The Bedrooms Are For People campaign seeks to amend Boulder’s city charter by changing occupancy rules so that the number of people allowed to live in a house is one person per bedroom, plus one, or four people total in homes with fewer than four bedrooms.

The campaign was given incorrect advice on when organizers needed to file a petition to get on the ballot and how many signatures were required, both through a city-published document and from city officials."

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