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Bedrooms Are For People's Plans for 2021

By Bedrooms Are For People campaign volunteers.

In October 2020, the City Council stated their intention to work on occupancy limits in 2021. At their January 23 retreat, they again refused to take meaningful action. The council majority changed their interpretation of the charter petition rules to keep our measure off the 2020 ballot, has refused to stop evicting people due to occupancy during the pandemic, and now leaves our campaign the task of addressing occupancy limits in 2021.

Boulder’s occupancy laws harm people and limit equal access to housing. We will continue working to dismantle this structural discrimination to build a more free, just, and equitable community.

We’re fighting for housing justice in Boulder because the majority of our elected officials are not working on behalf of the people. Our campaign volunteers remain committed to empowering Boulder residents to decide on this important issue in the November election.

In 2020, the Bedrooms Are For People campaign collected more than 5,000 voters’ signatures in support of reforming Boulder’s home occupancy laws. We have submitted updated language to the City of Boulder for 2021, and will be launching our campaign in February.

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