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Bedrooms Are For People with Chelsea Castellano and Eric Budd

By Philip Ogren and David Adamson. This episode of the Sharing Boulder podcast originally aired on May 23, 2021.

"Hello Boulder and the wider world. This is the Sharing Boulder podcast. My name is Philip Ogren and for our fifth episode my co-host David Adamson and I interviewed the co-chairs of Bedrooms Are For People; Chelsea Castellano and Eric Budd.

Our guests today run Bedrooms Are For People, a grassroots political organization focused on occupancy reform in the city of Boulder. When this interview was recorded on April 17, Bedrooms Are For People was working at full capacity collecting as many signatures as possible for an online petition to get occupancy reform on the ballot in November. As of the release of this episode they have collected three thousand four hundred signatures which is a few dozen more than the 3,336 required by the city for the petition to be certified. People living in Boulder are going to be hearing a lot more about this important reform in the coming months as voters prepare to decide which way to vote. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Chelsea Castellano and Eric Budd."

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