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Boulder Refuses To Lift the Cap on Unrelated People Living Together. Housing Advocates Plan To Sue

The Bedrooms Are For People campaign would repeal the city's existing limits on unrelated people living in the same house.

By Christian Britschgi. Originally published in Reason Magazine on July 23, 2020.

"The Boulder City Council in Colorado has set itself up to be sued by housing activists after a majority of the council declined to endorse a plan to place an initiative reforming limits on unrelated people living together on the city's November ballot.

Officials had told the Bedrooms Are For People campaign that they needed to turn in signatures by August 5 in order to qualify for this year's ballot. The city determined this month, however, that the actual deadline was back in June. Upon learning they'd been given the wrong deadline, activists asked the city council to use its power to refer their initiative directly to voters. On Tuesday, the council refused to do that, so the Bedrooms Are For People campaign is now preparing to sue Boulder."

Read the full story in Reason Magazine.

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