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Boulder should vote ‘yes’ on ‘Bedrooms Are For People’

By BizWest Staff. Originally published in BizWest on October 1, 2021.

"Boulder residents have an opportunity to eliminate an outdated restriction, even as they help mitigate a chronic shortage of affordable housing.

Boulder law prohibits more than three unrelated persons from living together. This means, for example, that in a four-bedroom house, no more than three unrelated people may domicile together.

Similar restrictions exist in other communities in the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado, with some considering adjustments to the standards.

Ballot Question 300 — the so-called 'Bedrooms are for People' initiative — puts Boulder at the forefront of such efforts, allowing the number of people in a house to equal the number of bedrooms, plus one. Under the proposal, up to five persons would be able to live in a four-bedroom house, for example.

It sounds simple, and it is. But the change could have far-reaching — and positive — consequences."

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