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Boulder will keep evicting unrelated renters during COVID pandemic, ignoring governor’s request

By Shay Castle. Originally published in the Boulder Beat on September 19, 2020.

"Boulder will keep evicting renters who violate the city’s rules on unrelated adults living together despite a recommendation from the governor to suspend occupancy limits during COVID-19. Keeping people housed during the pandemic has become a matter of public health and an area of focus for the state.

Council’s 4-4 vote followed an update on what Boulder is doing to prevent evictions, including spending more than $500,000 on rental assistance and other housing-related aid. Suspending occupancy enforcement did not have an associated cost.

'If we enforce on over-occupancy, that’s an eviction,' said councilman Aaron Brockett, explaining his support. 'That’s an additional person or persons who will be living unhoused. That’s exactly the kind of disruption we want to be avoiding.'

The motion appeared doomed from the start. Mayor Sam Weaver proposed skipping the staff presentation and did not allow time for council questions before proceeding to discussion. (City Attorney Tom Carr did ultimately present and council members asked questions during deliberation.)"

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