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City Attorney Tom Carr retiring this summer

By Deborah Swearingen. Originally published in the Daily Camera on January 25, 2021.

"Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr is retiring June 30 after 11 years with the city.

Carr played a role in a number of initiatives, including Boulder’s assault weapons and bump stock and high-capacity magazine bans and its cooperative housing ordinance and short-term rental ordinance. Further, he was involved in the city’s exploration of forming a municipal utility, with efforts on this paused in November when voters approved a franchise agreement with Xcel Energy...

...However, Carr’s tenure as city attorney has not been without controversy. Over the summer, for example, the city provided incorrect information to the Bedrooms Are For People campaign that prohibited the initiative from making the ballot.

Carr said Monday the issue was complicated by his focus on the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing negotiations with Xcel Energy.

'I feel badly for what those people went through,' he said. “Democracy is something we have to work hard on to preserve.'”

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