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Colorado Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal From Housing Activists

By Christian Britschgi. Originally published by Reason on September 2, 2020.

"Colorado Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal From Housing Activists Who Claimed Inaccurate Election Guidance Doomed Their Ballot Initiative

City officials repeatedly gave activists false information about the requirements for getting their initiative on the ballot.

Activists in Boulder, Colorado, wanted to eliminate their city's restrictions on unrelated people living together. Unfortunately, city officials and the state Supreme Court have prevented their initiative from being on the ballot come November.

In late August, the Supreme Court had initially agreed to hear an appeal from Boulder activists arguing that inaccurate election guidance from city officials prevented their measure from receiving a public vote. On Friday, the court dismissed the appeal, saying in a three-sentence order that 'unresolved factual disputes' precluded it from properly ruling on the case.

'It's pretty stunning. Clearly the court took up the case because there was an injustice here,' Eric Budd, one of the activists suing Boulder officials on behalf of the Bedrooms Are For People campaign, tells Reason. 'The facts were laid out; the facts were agreed to by both parties…our appeal to the Supreme Court was the argument that it should correct this injustice here.'"

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