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Development, housing likely to top council agenda in 2019

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Story by Shay Castle. Published in the Boulder Beat on January 9, 2019.

"One group Morzel wishes would rely on city staff a little more? The Housing Advisory Board, created  in 2018 at her urging.

The board highlighted two projects they’d like to investigate further: allowing tiny homes in Boulder and taking a look at the city’s occupancy limits, which dictate that no more than three unrelated persons can reside in the same home, no matter its size.

Such stringent limitations 'contribute to an underutilization of existing living space which is contrary to the City’s stance on environmentally beneficial living,' HAB wrote in its letter to council.

While Morzel and other council members were intrigued by the idea of tiny homes (which planning board also recommended as a priority) revisiting occupancy is off-limits.

'Going off on their own projects is policy making,' Morzel said of HAB’s recommendation. It’s 'not their role.'

Other council members felt the issue is best addressed through other avenues.

'(The issue of) occupancy limits is a political question,' said councilman Sam Weaver, 'and I personally feel the place to settle political questions is at the ballot box.'"

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