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Eviction representation measure makes Boulder ballots; others at the mercy of city council

Story by Shay Castle. Published in the Boulder Beat on July 7, updated July 11.

"On Friday, Carr clarified via public email that the city clerk would not certify the petitions even if the required number of signatures was turned in. Instead, he would advise city council to use its legislative powers to place them on the ballot; members can use their own discretion and criteria in advancing questions to voters.

Although doing so would honor the intent and purpose of direct democracy, it’s unclear council will choose to. Members have already expressed a disinclination to change occupancy limits. The idea is unpopular among Boulder’s political class, who argue that tying occupancy to the size of homes will encourage more rentals to university students.

Nonprofit Emergency Family Assistance Association, which aids low-income individuals, faced intense backlash and the threat of cancelled donations for endorsing the ballot initiative, something its clients support as a way to legally avoid homelessness or weather economic and personal crises such as domestic violence or family dissolution. At least one council member called Executive Director Julie Van Domelen to complain."

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