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From the Editorial Advisory Board: Bickering over bedrooms

Edited and compiled by Blake Fontenay. Published in the Daily Camera on August 7, 2020.

A citizens group known as Bedrooms Are For People has filed a lawsuit against the City of Boulder, seeking to have its proposed charter amendment placed on this November’s ballot. Your take?

"What a mess! This situation has been a mishegoss of bad information, state and local laws that had conflicting dates and deadlines, and a group of citizens determinedly marching forward despite the evolving realization that everything might be for naught.

The Bedrooms Are For People campaign calls for allowing as many people as there are bedrooms plus one, and homes with the occupancy of homes with fewer than four bedrooms would be capped at four people. It is headed up by politically savvy people who knew that their issue would not prevail if it went before the City Council, so they opted for the grueling path of a ballot initiative, where they could circumvent the City Council and place the issue on the city ballot in November and have the voters decide how many unrelated people could live in a house in Boulder.

They were told by the city attorney that there had been a mistake with the dates and the deadline had already passed. But surely there must be a solution to this so the BAFP would not be denied its ballot initiative after working for so long to gather signatures in person during the worst pandemic in a century, right?"

— Fern O’Brien

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