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Lawsuit looming as Boulder decides not to take corrective action on ballot deadline mix-up

By Sam Lounsberry. Originally published in the Daily Camera on July 22, 2020.

"A lawsuit against Boulder appears to be on the horizon over its handling of resident-led petitions for ballot measures in the run up to the November election.

After receiving a clear legal threat Tuesday from a firm retained by a campaign that has been gathering voter signatures during the coronavirus pandemic in an effort to hold a vote on a measure that would ease local residential occupancy limits, City Council later in the evening declined to pacify the activists with a commitment to correct a municipal staff mistake by placing that and other measures on the ballot.

That staff error stemmed from the City Attorney’s Office earlier this year telling petitioners for the campaign, Bedrooms Are For People, that it had until Aug. 5 to turn in 4,048 signatures from voters to certify their measure for the ballot. The measure would ask electors to allow as many unrelated adults to live in a home as there are bedrooms in the dwelling, with four as the limit for units with fewer than four bedrooms."

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