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State Supreme Court turns away lawsuit from Boulder initiative organizers

By Michael Karlik. Originally published by The Gazette on September 1, 2020.

"The Colorado Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit against the city of Boulder from a group seeking to place a measure on the November ballot to change residential occupancy limits.

'Upon consideration of the parties’ briefs and the limited record in this case, the Court concludes that a number of unresolved factual disputes preclude the Court from properly deciding the questions presented in this appeal,' the court wrote in its decision.

The Bedrooms Are For People initiative sought to relax the general limit of three unrelated occupants per home by amending the charter to calculate occupancy based on the number of bedrooms. Organizers gathered in excess of 7,700 signatures, which surpassed the anticipated threshold of approximately 4,000 signatures. However, the city later informed Bedrooms Are For People that the number of required signatures was closer to 8,100 and the deadline was two months earlier than advertised."

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