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Supreme Court Declines to Rule, Keeps Bedrooms Are For People Off 2020 Ballot

A week after the Colorado Supreme Court took our case, the court declined to make a ruling on our case and ruled “no opinion on the merits presented,” and dismissed the appeal.

The Bedrooms Are For People campaign followed the city’s rules at every step. We collected nearly 8,000 signatures during a pandemic, and navigated a process continually fraught with misdirection and uncertainty from the City of Boulder, its elected officials, and interference from a few politically connected opponents. Given this huge weight of evidence that justice should bend toward our campaign’s measure being placed on the ballot, it is unconscionable that the court chose not to decide the merits of our case.

The Supreme Court's failure to take a stand allows this injustice to stay in place. The public in Boulder and across the country who have followed our campaign can plainly see the injustices happening in our city. The community is with us on the facts. The Supreme Court's statement that the relevant facts were disputed is just not true, as these facts were agreed upon by both parties in the district court.

While we are disappointed that the Supreme Court declined to make a ruling, the blame for why Bedrooms Are For People will not be on the ballot lies solely in the hands of five City Council members — Bob Yates, Sam Weaver, Mary Young, Mark Wallach, and Mirabai Nagle. These individuals, who were elected to represent you, have suppressed your right to vote. At every turn, they have actively worked to undermine our efforts to overturn exclusionary housing laws.

We have and will continue to fight for housing justice in Boulder because the majority of our elected officials are not working on behalf of the people. The consistent, corrupt, and unprecedented actions from Boulder City Council are inexcusable. We will hold them accountable.

View Colorado Supreme Court Non-Decision — Bedrooms Are For People Case #2020-SA-289.


- Eric Budd | Campaign Co-Chair, Bedrooms Are For People | 720-295-1122 |

- Chelsea Castellano | Campaign Co-Chair, Bedrooms Are For People | 732-977-7746 |

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