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Will Boulder Voters Weigh In On Occupancy Limits? A Judge Will Decide

By Matt Bloom. Originally published by KUNC on August 12, 2020.

"Weeks ahead of when Colorado’s 2020 election ballots will be printed, a local campaign is taking the City of Boulder to court to be included on those ballots.

The case centers on a signature deadline mixup. This spring, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the city told the local campaign Bedrooms Are For People that their signatures needed to be collected and turned in by an extended deadline of Aug. 5.

Then, this summer, the city switched course, saying the deadline was actually in early June. The change resulted in the Bedrooms campaign being disqualified from the local ballot.

Boulder’s city attorney told the city council on July 21 his staff made the mistake due to a lack of clarity around how the city’s charter and state election laws interact. Last month, the Boulder City Council voted not to accept the campaign’s more than 7,000 signatures."

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