Help With Signing

I've received a "Voter Record Not Found"

Here's some reasons why you may have received a “Voter Record Not Found” - Your Voter ID was entered incorrectly, or your name does not match name listed in the Colorado Secretary of State's website. YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO SIGN IF -

  • You have a hidden voter registration. This is a current limitation of the City of Boulder's online system.
  • You are not registered to vote in the City of Boulder. Some people live in "enclaves" inside that city that are part of unincorporated Boulder County and are not eligible to sign a city petition.

  • Verify that you have entered the accurate Voter ID number here
  • Verify here how your name is listed on the Colorado Secretary of State's website and then type it in *exactly* as it is listed when signing the petition (even if it is incorrect/has errors).
Error Message Image: Error Message If you are still unable to resolve this issue, please reach out to us so we can provide support at

I've received an "Active Phone Number" Error, or I need to update my phone number

Here's the reason why you may have received a “Active Phone Number Error” - You need to have your active phone number listed as part of your voter registration. No worries, this is easy to check and update. Please visit our Phone Help page which will help you update your current phone number and fix issues with "unlisted" numbers if needed. Error Message Image If you are still unable to resolve this issue, please reach out to us so we can provide support at

The petition page won't load correctly; "Failed to read the 'localStorage' property "

If the petition page didn't load correctly, use this link to sign instead.

I want to sign but don't want to publicly list my phone number

If you want support the cause & sign the petition but don't want your personal phone number listed in your public voter profile, you can easily solve this by taking 2 minutes to set up a free Google Voice number here.

Once you're on the Google Voice site, select "For Personal Use" & follow instructions to complete setting up your new number.

Using your new Google Voice number, follow the instructions that we sent you via email (from

You should now be able to update your phone info and complete the signing process without making your personal number publicly listed!

 We're working to understand and provide solutions for all of the potential issues that you might experience with the City of Boulder's online signature collection system.  


Below are some of the common issues experienced with instructions for how to resolve them. 

If you are unable to resolve petition site issues using the instructions provided, please email us for additional support at