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Boulder Voter Guide 2021

Want to know how to vote in the 2021 Boulder election? Use the Boulder voter guides below to help you make your decisions before you drop off your ballot.

Find out where to drop off your ballot or register to vote. Vote by 7 pm on Tuesday, November 2!

Local Ballot Measures

City of Boulder Ballot Question 300

"Shall the City of Boulder expand access to housing by allowing all housing units to be occupied by a number of people equal to the number of legal bedrooms, plus one additional person per home, provided that relevant health and safety codes are met?"


VOTE — Yes / For


View the proposed changes to the City of Boulder municipal code.

More Information About Boulder Ballot Question 300 (Bedrooms Are For People)

2021 Boulder Voter Guides + Election Info

"Boulder Weekly continues to be the only independent and locally-owned newspaper in Boulder County. What we offer you in this Vote Guide blends our wealth of experience covering local governance with our impressions gleaned after one-on-one conversations with the candidates, as well as ballot questions’ proponents and opponents. We took a deeper look than you may have the time or resources to pull off." is a joint venture of Boulder Beat News and Firemark Foundry to make information on your local elections accessible. Vote local. Vote informed. Vote Boulder.

Boulder Beat's Election 2021 guide and reporting strives to provide data-driven and accessible content to break down barriers for participation in local government. Shay Castle has been covering Boulder for eight years. Her work has appeared in the Denver Post, Colorado Sun and New York Times. Shay launched Boulder Beat in 2019, with a desire to slow news down and dive deep into the issues that impact the community.

"Local elections are critically important, in fact, it is said we have more power over our local political landscape than national." View the Yellow Scene Election Guide 2021.

The Sierra Club Indian Peaks Group's Local Endorsements for the 2021 City of Boulder election.

Eye on the Ballot: A summary of issues on the city and state ballots and a quick-glance explanation of the Boulder Chamber's official positions.

"The Progressive Voters Guide is an annual project of ProgressNow Colorado and Fuse Washington. We combined the endorsements of Colorado's leading progressive organizations with research about candidates to give you the information you've been searching for to be an informed voter."

University of Colorado Boulder's Election 2021: What You Need to Know. "Boulder voters this November will decide on five City Council seats, the future of CU Boulder South, city rental occupancy limits, a marijuana tax to support education and more."

The League of Women Voters of Boulder County (LWVBC) provides nonpartisan election information to help you be a more informed voter. View the LWVBC's Ballot Issue Guide for the City of Boulder, compiled by LWVBC members. 

Boulder’s elections in 2021 will be critical for climate action, affordable housing, and social justice. Eric has researched and written a Voter Guide for every election in Boulder for the past five years.

Support from City Council Members

Three of Four City Council Members Serving Though 2023 — Aaron Brockett, Junie Joseph, & Rachel Friend

Four City Council Candidates — Dan Williams, Lauren Folkerts, Matt Benjamin, & Nicole Speer

"Boulder's restrictive occupancy limits cause harm to many people in our community. Bedrooms Are For People brings greatly needed change to our city's housing laws.

As several city councils have chosen not to address this issue, we fully support this measure and will work to ensure that the whole community benefits from its passage."

Aaron Brockett, Rachel Friend, Dan Williams, Lauren Folkerts, Matt Benjamin, & Nicole Speer

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